20th July 2016 | Make-up


It’s finally here, YSL’s long awaited Mascara Vinyl Couture, complete with uber fancy formulation – a mascara that isn’t about the brush itself, but all about the goods inside.

First some formula facts. After four years of research, and 400 trials (we like a bit of persistence), YSL created a more liquid consistency, which when merged with the lacquer pigments, allows for a more intense colour to catch onto and show on the lashes. In layman’s terms, the colour it looks in the bottle is the colour it’s going to be on your eyes.

Featuring nine new shades – from the festival ready hot pink and electric blue to the glittery topcoats which are surprisingly subtle and very wearable for even the shimmer haters, it’s the three ‘new blacks’ which are currently shaking up the Pretty Ugly makeup bags. A metallic aubergine, a dark emerald and a flecked hazelnut are great on top of your normal black mascara or worn alone to enhance your eye colour (see full colour shades below).

  • No 1 I’m The Clash – Black so black it puts jet to shame
  • No 2 I’m Unpredictable – Wicked aubergine to empower wayward lashes
  • No 3 I’m The Excitement – Luxe jade green for the Millennial go-getter
  • No 4 I’m The Illusion – Deep, dark hazel for the temptress inside
  • No 5 I’m The Trouble – Naughty but nice in an audacious bright blue
  • No 6 I’m the Madness – Out of control in reckless fuchsia
  • No 7 I’m The Craze – Intense violet for the ultra-daredevil
  • No 8 I’m The Storm – A shimmering silver top coat to seduce in seconds
  • No 9 I’m The Fire – A sybarite gold top coat for the luxury-loving risk taker

The colour-shy need not miss out however, opt for ‘No 1 I’m The Clash’. It’s an ultra black black with more depth than any ebony hues we’ve previously put to the test and super glossy too.

Available to buy now, head to your nearest Debenham’s counter or click here to buy

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