14th July 2016 | Skin

Rosacea: The Ugly Truth

What is Rosacea? A condition in which certain facial blood vessels enlarge, giving the cheeks and nose a flushed appearance.

A skin condition that is hugely overlooked, affecting a large proportion of the UK population (including myself) is Rosacea. Far from a debilitating disease, it may seem a trivial condition to dedicate an entire article to, but for those who suffer with the permanently rosy cheeks, it is not without it’s negative connotations – namely affecting self confidence.

I first noticed the crimson patches start to appear on my cheeks about 4 years ago. At first they were very subtle – I looked like I permanently wore blusher; but these progressively worsened to tiny clusters of visible blood vessels that, without makeup, resembled sunburn. Now as a beauty editor, I know that sunburn is naturally frowned upon. A beauty buff should KNOW to routinely apply sun cream, stay out of the sun and protect one’s skin like a precious gemstone (eye roll), so sporting a beetroot face base was not the order of the day.

Aside from the superficial side effects of Rosacea however, behind closed doors (and away from judgmental beauty editors), the skin condition is actually an aggravating one to contend with. As a product lover who takes great delight in trialing the hoards of products arriving to my front door on a daily basis, many ingredients only irritate the redness further, meaning you should limit the chopping and changing to your skincare regime and stick to what you (and your skin) know.

I have spoken to a number of experts – dermatologists, facialists, doctors and nutritionists, to better understand my crimson complexion and I’ve picked up a few ways to monitor (there is no direct cure) Rosacea and although I have my bad days, my face is slowly losing the rouge undertones.

  1. Avoid really hot showers. Whilst a steamy wash is momentarily glorious, you emerge significantly less glorious post clean (with cheeks that resemble Boris Johnson post cycle) and this takes HOURS to go down, and I mean hours!
  2. The biggest cause of the condition and one you have little control over. I’ve found being more aware of yourself – clichéd I know, but yoga/mindfullness apps really help.
  3. Product usage. Stick to simple skincare – French skincare brands Vichy, Avene and La Roche-Posay are brilliant and have specific products.
  4. Keep your face out of direct sunlight (i.e. do not sunbathe ALL day) and slap on a high SPF, factor 30 or above.
  5. Stick to physical/inorganic sun creams because they are inert and do not irritate the skin, such as ZO Skin Health Oclipse Smart Tone Broad Spectrum Suncream SPF50

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Sezin | 21st June 2016

Dear Gabriella Pisani, I'm writing to you from Istanbul, Turkey. I saw your blog prettyugly.co.uk when I was making research about Rosacea. I have learned this disease from dermatology doctor at the end of this April. I couldn't accept it and can't believe this is cronical and continue to during the life. I need to get advice for someone who suffer from this disease like you. Could you give me any advices please? I'm terribly depressed and lost my life energy since I have learned it and I'm too afraid of it. My mail adress is sboztekin@gmail.com Regards, Sezin

Gabriella Pisani | 29th June 2016

Hi Sezin, thanks so much for the comment. If you email me at gabriella@prettyugly.co.uk, I can go through everything with you :) x