25th September 2016 | Make-up

LVL Lashes On Trial

You know those beach days, when you wake up, chuck on a bikini and head straight for the sun? Well, wouldn’t you feel that little bit more attractive (and less like a mole popping it’s head out of it’s hole), if you had naturally darker, defined and curlier lashes to pair with said bikini? Who wouldn’t right?


The fact is, wearing makeup on the beach/around the pool is a drill. It brings me out in spots, it smears and melts all over my face and clogs pores, preventing skin from breathing and getting a healthy dose of vitamin D. I could perhaps use a lash curler every day to bring out my feline side, but if I don’t manage to yank out every said lash, then I will no doubt render myself blind with the device, so again, that option is out.


I’ve tried lash extensions before, but found they actually pulled out my natural lashes after 3-4 weeks, whilst the idea of having false lashes permanently attached to my own is also off-putting. Step forward Nouveau LVL Enhance lashes, short for ‘length, volume, lift’.  A treatment that uses only what ‘yo mamma gave you’ and lasts for 6-8 weeks, this has fast become a major hit amongst celebrities, models and bloggers and I was intrigued to find out if this was all it was cracked up to be.


Available at salons all across the UK, I decided to try out the beyond beautiful little salon ‘Blush & Blow’ in Parsons Green, London. To be honest, it was the Instagram-worthy exterior that drew me in, whilst the technicians had also come highly recommended by a fellow blogger and Journalist. The treatment itself started by cleansing off any makeup, not a scrap of mascara or eyeliner can be left on, so I’d advise turning up makeup-free if you have sensitive skin and don’t want to be subject to a scrubbing.


Next, choose your shield size, applied to the top lashes and a guard to the bottom lashes to protect them. The smaller the shield, the curlier and more noticeable your lashes will be, so naturally I opted for the small. The procedure follows with a tint being applied to your lashes, which are then curled over the shield, after which the ‘perming’ solution is painted on, to set the lashes to their newly curled state. This did sting slightly (I have the pain threshold of a toddler) and then this is neutralised with a further solution.


45 minutes later, I open my eyes (expect stinging again for about five minutes) to WOW lashes. Now this may sound dramatic, but for someone who is never without a mascara in their back pocket and who, without said mascara, resembles Boris Johnson, my lashes were the focal point of my face for the first time ever. I looked fresher faced and wide-eyed without an ounce of makeup on and with a holiday in two days time, am now touting this as my new favourite pre-beach treatment. Never mind the bikini wax, LVL lashes are my number one, and they last for 6-8 weeks!


If I had to criticise the treatment in any way, it would only be the stinging sensation post-treatment, which lasted for minutes. It also doesn’t come cheap, prices start from £65 – just think of the #nomakeup selfies you’ll be rocking though…


*Please note the after pictures are without makeup

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