31st July 2016 | Make-up

Introducing The NEW Vichy Foundation

A saviour for acne prone skin, Vichy’s latest foundation gives great complexion game…

We’ve all been there before. Whether it’s the odd pimple that appears the very same day as THAT party you’ve been prepping for, or an entire face breakout that resembles a pepperoni pizza, it’s all too tempting to layer up your foundation in the hope of masking the spots.

If, however, you suffer with acne, like myself, then the daily conundrum of applying layer upon layer of makeup is not just lengthy work, but in the cold light of day, actually worsens the appearance of blemishes. Most foundations ‘cake’ around the pimple, either highlighting it to supersized proportions or looking dry and flaky. Furthermore, many ingredients contained within our beloved face bases actually contain acne-causing ingredients including Lanolin, mineral oils, artificial colourings and petroleum. Avoid these AT ALL COSTS.

Now taking centre stage on our dressing tables, with some serious skills to show off is the latest foundation drop from Vichy however. You may be familiar with the previous Dermablend foundation, a full coverage face base that smoothed away spots, but the new souped-up version has gone high tech. First up, the formula contains Alliagel™, which is designed to hide any lumps and bumps from blemishes and scarring, so you’re left with an even skintone without any pitting (hello selfies!). The oil-free formula means your skin looks fresher without resembling an overload of makeup and the matte finish corrects the oiliness that so many of us acne sufferers battle with daily.

As for the ingredients, this is where it bridges the gap between skincare and makeup and treats your skin whilst you’re wearing it. Salicylic acid limits sebum secretions and unblocks pores whilst clearing your complexion by encouraging cell turnover. Also containing Eperulin, an anti-inflammatory that calms down redness, we have to admit sleeping in this (after a particularly late night) and can safely say that by morning, our spots were still behaving *NOT ADVISABLE, OBVS!

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