25th July 2016 | Hair

Get Great Lengths Hair Extensions On Your Radar

Allow me to set the scene. Picture a girl with an abundance of thick hair, moderate in length; just past the shoulders and generally in good condition (thanks to a career spent trialling the very best in beauty products). Then picture said girl waking up one morning and deciding that a ‘LOB’ (long bob) was a fantastic idea, that nonchalent, tousled ‘do she’d seen so many models/bloggers sporting was, obviously, GOING to suit her, cue a trip to the hair salon, and several inches snipped off.

The reality of chopgate? NOT HOT. In fact, the tears came fast, the result of the realisation that her overtly rotund face was now the centrepiece of EVERY photo and that no amount of Facetune could sculpt that shiz. Dramatic? Naaa.

This girl was in fact, me. My name is Gabriella and I am addicted to long hair. Namely, Great Lengths and their perfectly precise application of the best hair extensions I have EVER trialled…

Throughout my time in the beauty industry I have seen some fairly horrific hair extensions. Almost always obvious, usually of shocking quality, and rarely resembling anything other than THAT girl doing the walk of the shame the morning after the night before, clip-in extensions playing peekaboo through the shaggy manes.

With this in mind, I was fairly skeptical to go down the fake hair route, but a temporary moment of hair insanity, and needs must. Great Lengths appealed to me on a number of levels. First up, they have upwards of 55 shades to blend your bespoke colour so there’s no danger of sporting skunk-toned highlights. The hair is ethically sourced too, which was important to me (read about their sourcing process here www.greatlengthshair.co.uk/our-story/) and with one of the application venues being the uber luxe Urban Retreat salon in Harrods, I knew I was in for the gold standard in treatment.

I was lucky enough to be booked in with Heidi at Urban Retreat, extension expert and colour genius. When I realised she was bordering on OCD with her application precision (6 hours later) I knew we were going to get on like a house on fire – meticulous attention to detail is a must, and make sure you brief your technician on how you wear your hair, if you wear it up/in a top knot etc. This will determine the placement of the bonds and how far up the hairline they are applied.

6 hours later, and 150 individually applied keratin bonds and I had my formerly fuller hair back and on point, with a couple of extra inches thrown in for #goodhairday selfies. Opting for 18 inch extensions, Heidi trimmed these to seamlessly blend into my own hair without any obvious line.

A month later and I’m never looking back. I haven’t lost a single bond, they couldn’t be easier to style (I recommend going to bed with a loose plait spritzed with serious amount of sea salt spray) and best of all, not a single fellow beauty expert has cottoned on to my counterfeit locks. Winning!

Sorry Heidi, you’ve got a ‘NBF’ (new best friend).

Available nationwide &  at Urban Retreat, Harrods.
www.urbanretreat.co.uk/harrods, www.greatlengthshair.co.uk


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